Financially Smart Ways to Spend Online Lottery Rewards

If you actively play the online lottery, you’d have most likely wondered a few times what you’d do if you landed the jackpot. In 2019, Hira Singh won a humongous prize in India, clinching about $50 million.

When you play the online lottery in India at, you have the chance to get rewards like these. Nevertheless, what actions would you take after winning the online lottery grand prize, which sometimes runs into billions of dollars? 

Most people would resign from their jobs, purchase a new house, and instantly travel to some exotic location. The fact remains that no matter what people say, there’s no right or wrong way to spend lottery rewards. However, there are financially smart ways to ensure that the bulk of your online lottery rewards remains intact.

Be patient before sharing the news

It’s human nature to feel the need to announce happy news. When most people land huge lottery rewards, their first instinct is to share the news with their friends and relatives. Nevertheless, this could be accompanied by a barrage of borrowings and financial requests from those who catch wind of the news.

The negative part is that since you’ve rolled into so much cash, you might feel bad about declining their requests. You might not properly evaluate what they need the money for and give the cash out of sentiment.

While giving friends and relatives loans is not bad, you shouldn’t want to dish out cash before planning how to spend your money first. You might not realize it, but a good percentage of your rewards could land in other people’s hands if you don’t create your budget first.

Relax before claiming your rewards

Although most people feel the urge to claim their rewards instantly, it could be best to relax before cashing in. Usually, lottery prizes can be claimed several weeks after they’ve been won.

There are two benefits to taking your time before claiming rewards. First, you’d be able to take in the feeling of landing so much money. Second, you can avoid media photographs and stories better.

Whenever a person wins a lottery ticket, journalists are ready to pounce on the winner when the prize gets claimed. Suppose your photos get splashed across the newspapers and blogs. In that case, you’ll get lots of attention, requests for money, and unsolicited advice.

If you can relax for a few weeks before claiming your rewards, you can make better plans about how to spend them. The media will likely move on to other stories when they don’t know who you are. This way, your life can remain private.

Hire a financial consultant

To practice proper money management, you need to hire a financial consultant. A competent financial consultant will help you navigate how to claim and use your lottery rewards. 

They can help you decide between taking a lump sum or annuity payments. Although annuity payments come with an increased time range of rewards, you’ll get hit with lower tax rates if you don’t pass a certain threshold.

Financial consultants are also great at crafting a plan to maintain your reward level while basking in the luxury of your new life. You might need to bring a lawyer on your team to fend off lawsuits that may be brought against you.

Clear existing debts

One of the first things you need to include in your financial plan is clearing all your debts. Even though you win huge lottery rewards, your debts will remain and accumulate interest until you pay them off.

The best plan for debts is to pay off the ones with the highest interest rates. When you’ve taken care of them, you can pay the rest. Those types of debt have the potential to cascade into big sums.

Even though you might not like the idea of your money leaving you, take those debt payments like investments to make it easier on you. Common debts that lottery winners clear include mortgages, car payments, and school loans.

Create an emergency fund

Although it might seem unnecessary to establish an emergency fund when you’re in so much cash, it is a crucial move. Even if you’re the best person at managing resources, you can’t prevent unforeseen circumstances like accidents or health emergencies.

Suppose you set aside a percentage of your rewards for an emergency fund. In that case, you could avoid using up your winnings for contingencies. You can place this money in a bank account accruing high interest.

You can negotiate interest rates with a bank manager when you have enough cash. This way, you can avoid getting hit by inflation and reduce the value of your rewards.

Almost everyone who engages in online lottery gaming has imagined what they’d do if they landed the grand prize. It is easy to make many bad decisions when you make so much money. Nevertheless, there are ways to avoid driving lottery prizes down the drain.

You must be patient before sharing the news, relax before claiming your rewards, hire a financial consultant, and create an emergency fund.

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