How to promote a blog about nature on Instagram

Do you love nature and travel, have a specialized education, or just want to share impressions and interesting facts about the world with subs? In this case, Instagram is exactly the social network that you need. There are a huge number of profiles on completely different topics on this site, and the number of users is only growing every year. Just imagine — at the moment there are about 2 billion users on Instagram, and more than 500 million of them post stories every day! This is an ideal social network to meet like-minded people and find new friends with the same interests.

Where to start? Come up with a title for your profile. Do not save time on this, because it’s literally the first thing that other users will see. The title should be easy to read, easy to remember and correspond to the topic of your blog. Think unconventionally! Instagram already has a huge number of profiles on nature, travel and animals, so in order to stand out among them and win the attention of users, you will have to try.

Fill in the profile header. In a few short sentences, describe your occupation and what your profile might be interesting for. If you have a website, include a link to it. You need something to hook the subscriber and keep his attention. A bright and catchy phrase is exactly what you need. Your potential subscriber should understand what distinguishes you from other bloggers in the field.

Select an avatar. The image should be of excellent quality, not blurry and correspond to the subject of your blog. Minimalistic images are now in trend. Feel free to use your own photo as an avatar. Show subscribers that there is a real person behind the posts and stories. Remember that people are interested not only in the information in the blog, but also in your personality.

Decide on the color scheme of the blog. It should fit the blog theme and attract attention. If it is difficult for you to choose your own color palette, fonts and visual design of the blog, it is better to seek the help of a professional.

Use hashtags. While your blog is just developing, it may not seem so important, but it’s better to come up with your own hashtags from the very beginning. They will help subs navigate the categories of posts. You can also use popular hashtags, thanks to which new users will be able to find your account.

Think over a content plan. To do this, you can analyze competitors’ accounts to understand the most interesting and commented topics. Next, create a table — in it you can distribute the plan of topics for the next month. It is better to register the text of the future post at least a week in advance and pick up a photo. To keep your profile active, you need to publish new posts every day, and a pre-thought-out plan will save you time. By the way, don’t forget that stories also need a content plan.

Track statistics. Some posts will be more interesting to your subscribers, and some less. And that’s fine. Track the number of likes, comments and referrals in the statistics section to understand which topics should be published more often.

But what if, despite all efforts, there are still too few subscribers?

  • Tell your friends about your blog and ask them to subscribe.
  • Use free promotion methods (mutual likes, comments and subscriptions), but only at the very beginning of blog development. In the future, you will simply not have enough time for this.
  • Many successful bloggers recommend taking the chance to buy real instagram followers who will like you, write comments, watch stories and thereby raise your profile statistics. And the higher the profile statistics, the more often the platform will offer your publications to new users.
  • Use targeting. To do this, create a high-quality advertising post and clearly define the target audience of your blog. This is not a cheap pleasure, so think about everything in advance.
  • Ask for ads from other bloggers. This can be both paid advertising and mutual PR. Of course, provided that another blogger has the same number of subscribers and profile statistics.

If you want to become a successful and memorable blogger, you will have to try. Nothing will work out just like that. But if you gain strength, patience and motivation, then everything will definitely work out!

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