Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

Cats are great when it comes to checking out their humans. They love staring them down and observing every movement that they make. It can be a little scary as well as quite cute, but have you ever wondered why your cat holds your gaze for so long?

 Many people wonder about this! Our furry friends are studying us to ensure that we’re okay, but they also like to observe how we act or move during a typical day. 

If you frequently catch your cat staring at you, there could be several reasons behind the behavior. Understanding the behavior depends on understanding how your average kitty thinks.

Here are a few reasons why does your cat stares at you.

1-To Show Affection

Cats tend to be less overtly affectionate than dogs, but that doesn’t mean they love us any less.

So while your cat might not greet you at the door with a wagging tail as a dog would, there are other ways and means in which a cat shows its love for us humans, including the exclusive staring contest.

Cats often use slow blinks to show their affection towards people. The slower the blink, the deeper their feelings are towards the person. By reciprocating the same kind of look.

 Cats also tend to stare at humans with their eyes wide open or remaining slightly open – sometimes, when their blinks aren’t so slow, it’s a signal that they are feeling more aggressive or indifferent to you.

2-To Get Your Attention

This type of stare is more like feline mind control. Maybe if your cat stares hard enough and for long enough, they can access your brain and convince you to do what they want.

Sometimes when cats stare at you, their intentions may not be what you think. 

Sure, they might want your attention because they are “craving” food. Still, we don’t know if it’s because they are actually in need of sustenance or if they want to distract you so that it’ll be easier for them to get you to do exactly what they want…perhaps something that is completely unrelated?

Cats may use a steady gaze to request things like regular care, toys, and other kinds of attention.

All cats are different, so please make sure you observe your cat’s behavioral cues to understand why your feline friend is staring at you!

3-To Read Social and Behavioral Cues

Cats, being extremely wise, often notice all the same signs that humans do and will behave accordingly. If you’re feeling stressed out by work or other things going on in your day, chances are your cat will feel the same way.

But if you breathe deeply and act calm during a particularly stressful time, your cat will likely be able to pick up on this and follow your lead!

Your cat is also a master detective! They can tell what you’re thinking by the way you’re moving your hands, tapping your toes, or directing your gaze. By observing your body language intently, your cat will uncover clues to what you’re thinking and what you’re about to do.

If you glance toward the kitchen, your cat might be making eye contact with you. If you shift your weight even a little, they’ll immediately fetch that nearby feather toy.

As we know, the cat has six senses, so they expect their humans to act quickly when needed – and they’re ready for whatever mischief their owners plan on causing.

4- To Send a Warning

A happy stare and a menacing stare can be quite different. If a cat is staring intently and shows stiff body language, watch out! Your cat could play stalking you or try to tell you that they’re not having fun anymore.

It’s important to pay attention to how you position your kitty against the situation because haste is no good.

On the other hand, if you notice your cat’s fur getting ruffled up, then they might be having a bad day.

If they meow or hiss at you, try to play an active role in helping out with whatever is going on that’s making them feel like this!

What To Do When Your Cat Stares At You

If your cat is staring at you like, “I’m going to kill you,” don’t worry. Cats do that sometimes, and it can be unnerving for a human.

Avoid eye contact with the cat because, like us, most cats prefer not to be stared at by people they don’t know very well.

The best thing to do here is avert the gaze but keep looking in their direction, so they don’t feel threatened.

However, if your cat happens to like you or wants something from you, this means that all you have to do is look back at them and wrinkle your nose – any signs of recognition on your part will help them understand that this is an interaction between friends and not an attack.

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