5 Ways To Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

5 Ways to Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

Minecraft is an awesome video game that allows players to experience the thrill of playing with various virtual objects, including characters, buildings, and weapons.

 It has been designed exclusively for personal computers and consoles that weren’t originally launched until 2011.

 This popular sandbox video game makes use of 2D graphics in addition to curvilinear meshes. It is ideal for creating or exploring sandbox-style maps since Infinitive and Dwarf Fortress highly inspired them.

Where to Buy Minecraft?

Minecraft can be bought on their official website and from retail stores. As is with all good companies, they want to make sure that they’re giving their customers the best possible choices regarding how they want to purchase Minecraft – so multiple purchasing options are available at any given time.

 A small breakdown of those two versions would look like this: Windows (“Store Edition”) allows players to play online, which isn’t exactly possible while playing Java Edition of Minecraft.

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Java Edition is more common and accepts many players due to its ease of use because it doesn’t require any third-party access to play.

If you’re interested in buying Minecraft, please visit their website either through your computer or on your phone since the ability for you to do so anywhere is one of the luxuries we enjoy today, thanks to handy little things like smartphones!

Minecraft: Error Placing Order

Many players have experienced this issue while placing their orders. When a player tries to buy the game, an error pops up saying that the payment cannot be processed at this time.

This creates issues for gamers who want to purchase your game, preventing them from doing so.

Ultimately, this leaves players with nothing but trouble and frustration and, as a result, will discourage them from purchasing your game when they are otherwise excited about it and would have loved to add it to their cart!

Ways to Fix Minecraft Error Placing Order

1.Try another Browser/Device

While trying to check out, you may have noticed that the website is acting funny. Our websites have an SSL certificate because we don’t see why it would cause this issue.

 If you use a browser like Internet Explorer 10 or older, you might have better luck using Google Chrome. Please try using Firefox for Android instead of Chrome if mobile is an issue.

 You may also want to start your phone again if you are concerned that a mobile device is the cause of the problem because sometimes devices mess up orders, either on their own or when interacting with specific websites.

2.Use a Different Paying Method

There are several paying methods available on the website. This could vary depending on the country you are ordering from. When checking out, one of your options will allow you to choose a different option for the reputed brands in your area that might not be listed specifically here.

3.Contact Your Bank/Card Provider

There could be a pricing issue with your card. If this is the problem, contact your bank/card provider to help you get it sorted out.

Be specific and detailed in the description of what happened and which Mojang products you attempted to purchase, and what error message you received, if any.

If a billing error occurred on their part, they should let you know shortly after investigating so that you’re not left hanging for too long, as waiting around is never fun!

Also, make sure international purchasing is turned on for your card. If not, ask your card provider to turn it on as Mojang is based in Sweden.

4.Contact Customer Support

If you’re sure it isn’t your fault, contact Minecraft’s customer support. Let them know about your issue and confirm that your system meets the minimum requirements to run their game.

Provide screenshots or make a video to assist in clearing up any misunderstanding as long as you’re able to do so without breaking any of the company’s rules or putting yourself at risk of being banned or punished.

5.Buy a Gift Card

If you are still encountering problems ordering online, I recommend contacting your bank directly to make sure that Mojang is listed as an accepted company.

Sometimes countries have certain restrictions and laws that criminalize particular businesses, which might have something to do with why you’re having trouble with the site. A possible alternative could be a Mojang gift card.

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