Here’s What You Can Do to Liven Things Up If You’re Bored

Does ordinary life appear gray and monotonous, consisting of labor and boredom? This problem is pervasive in today’s society. Perhaps there are a few oases in the desert of life, such as the weekend party or the next vacation, but this is not enough. It’s time to flip daily life around and rediscover absolute happiness! To treat a symptom, however, it is first essential to identify its source. And it is sure to reside within the individual.

What is The Cause of a Dull Existence?

Most adults once had big dreams because almost all young people do. Perhaps it consisted of making a career, starting a particular hobby, or accomplishing something extraordinary. One may look back on that now with a tired smile, but it is significant. Because at that time, the person in question was still closely following his innermost needs before everyday life and work stifled everything. Of course, hardly anyone succeeds in realizing the dreams of their youth, so why should it have worked out for oneself of all people? We answer cheekily: Because everyone’s something special!

Everyone who has a boring life has not understood this yet. Too many people think they are regular guys who can’t help but lead an average, unremarkable life. But that is not true! We are adventurers in our hearts, maybe even heroes. People want to be creative, wild, and not at all normal. Only: They don’t dare. And: They are too comfortable. Despondency and comfort are the roots of evil. 

How to Increase Your Courage
Courage doesn’t come by itself. Whoever wants it must work for it. That means leaving the accustomed comfort zone, at first very slowly, then more and more blatantly. Break self-imposed limits because courage only comes from actively conquering existing fear. It also means doing previously unknown things, for example, joining a rafting tour or trying out the casino scene. If the latter part interests you, we suggest checking comparison portals to help you find the right digital provider where you can compare individual conditions and choose what appeals to them the most.

The team of experts behind the scenes constantly updates the available data so everyone finds a solid orientation. It is recommended to start using free spins with low stakes and slowly stalk one’s way to higher stakes. Doing this will also gradually increase the adrenaline circulating through the beginner’s body. However, as in rafting, skydiving, and climbing, courage should have limits when it becomes too dangerous. Therefore, in the casino, responsible people only bet the money that is “left” without endangering the household budget, just as every thinking person avoids Niagara Falls with his boat.

And to overcome the Love of Convenience

Over the years, most of us become couch potatoes, who like watching films and are difficult to motivate. The tendency to comfort has stood in the way of many dreams and prevented success. Just think of Bilbo Baggins in his beautifully furnished home, with a full pantry, in a picturesque setting. But as beautiful as all this was, there was something missing in his life, something that his ancestors still knew. The adventure, the colorfulness, the thrill! The slumbering desire for adventure was awakened by the wizard Gandalf and a horde of dwarves. They’re hard to come by in reality, so in real life, it needs some other motivation. 

Stupidly, this motivation is buried in our souls, we are responsible for it and have to bring it out from our own forces. We have to remember our old dreams, dig them out again, or look for new, exciting goals. And then think about what we wanted to do first to move forward. For example, it might be a really good idea to call the local glider club today to inquire about getting a glider license. Or to contact that desirable new employer to get that job we’ve always dreamed of. Any hesitation jeopardizes the plan.

Photo by andreas N from Pixabay

After that, it is required to set other goals, such as writing the application by the end of the week, saving up for the glider license, or showing up at the bridge bungee jumping tomorrow. It’s best to write a list of appointments to check the individual points off one by one until there’s nothing left. After that, it’s time to make a new list with new challenges, because it’s not reasonable to take those big steps forward and then fall back into place. 

By the way, community can be very motivating! Like-minded companions have an immensely motivating effect when it is time to found a start-up or embark on a great adventure. So, it’s important to find the right people who share the same ideas. That way everything runs much better!

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