Pikuki: Anonymously view Instagram profile, stories and posts

Pikuki: Anonymously view Instagram profile, stories and posts

Pikuki: Anonymously view Instagram profile, stories and posts: People often think about Facebook or Twitter when it comes to social media. However, Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool that touches many aspects of our lives.

Many people use Instagram as a way to publish what we eat, where we eat it and how much we’re eating; likewise there are many other people who use Instagram simply to share their photographs – me included! I post photos on Instagram almost daily.

Pikuki is a free tool that allows you to view any Instagram profile or page (public or private) anonymously and it allows you to download photos from the account.

This website does not require you to register. It is also 100% anonymous, which means there aren’t any third-party tools being used for the downloads – this means that your visit won’t be tracked. The best part about Pikuki is that the images are perfectly suitable for whatever social media pages you have made on various platforms including twitter, tumblr, and Facebook!

What is Pikuki?

Pikuki.com is an online tool that allows users to edit and view Instagram images. The site also gives you access to several other features like exploring any Instagram tag, e.g. #happy, or the ability to check out likes and comments under any post without having to log in to Instagram’s website itself.

There are a few different options for you to check out loads of new content including browsing through hundreds of user-uploaded pictures using the Instagram hashtag browser or taking advantage of Pikuki’s image search which makes it simple as pie to search for people, locations and hashtags using keywords of your choosing.

As soon as you sign up with Pikuki, make sure you share your unique link with all of your friends on social media — they will never believe what they can do with such an awesome tool!

The Pikuki Instagram application can be used to stock your favorite person or celebrity without knowing them.

Additionally, it allows users to edit their pictures anonymously, change the contrast, colors, brightness, crop the picture and add special effects like: black & white and others.

You can do all the things that you want and download the picture again from your account with new hashtags. In addition to that, you cannot be identified as a user of this app unless you publish something forbidden content.

How to Use Pikuki

Pikuki doesn’t require you to create an account or sign up for a user name. You can access Pikuki without the hassle of providing any personal information. There are 3 easy ways to use Pikuki:

Method – 1 View images from your account search

Here are a few sample sentences that show what others company descriptions might look like:

1 – Log in and navigate to the website you would like to bookmark

2 Pikuki will provide a comprehensive list of Instagram accounts associated with the IG account you specified, giving you the opportunity to search for and select the username from the drop-down list.

3 After that, Pikuki will display all of the photos and images from that account’s Instagram posts.

 4 If you want to download any photo, click on it and then choose “Download.”

Method – 2 Search from hashtags

Hashtags are the most important aspect of Instagram. By creating hashtags, users can connect with their followers and other people, earn publicity and reach out to more people in general.

The search bar on Instagram is a user’s best friend because it has been designed so conveniently that all you have to do is type in your search query, click on the tags that interest you and voila – your feed will be updated automatically!

  • Go to the website in question.  
  •  Search for a hashtag, enter it in the text box and hit the “search icon.”
  • Select “Tags” from the menu above the search results, and then you can use these tags to find different posts on this website.

Instagram anonymous story viewer

You can also view Instagram stories anonymously with Pikuki. It is an incredible tool to watch Instagram stories from people you are interested to without them knowing it.

Pikuki allows you to view Instagram stories posted on any public account without logging into or even creating an Instagram account. You can download stories from the platform as well or just use genYouTube downloader photo.

Will I be able to see Instagram stories of profiles that have blocked me? Perhaps! – When you blog, post and share on social media, you’re sharing your thoughts with the world.

Just as a user can block you on Instagram, they could also choose to hide their activity from you without blocking you.

How to Anonymously view and download Instagram stories:

1. Open up the website in your browser click on “Stories.”

2. Type in the username to search for a specific account (or use keywords to refine your search such as a specific keyword or hashtag).

3. Pikuki will then list recent and previous Instagram stories for that specific account (which you can also easily save to your portfolio into a separate folder).

4. Here’s our newest article filed under the category of Design and Architecture.

Is pikuki anonymous?

The only thing we ask from you when signing up is a valid email address, which we need to send you a confirmation of your registration. With Private Mode on, nobody will see any pictures or posts from your profile. If you don’t make any posts or check-ins, then none of the people following you will know where you are, unless they are nearby.

Is Pikuki Safe?

This app is not legal. There are no terms or policies to be obeyed for using this app. This only adds to the risk of using it. Some information may get leaked without your knowledge, and some intruders might be on the lookout for such information and steal it as soon as they have an opportunity.

Is Pikuki Instagram Free?

The thing is: yes, you are free to search through all of Pikuki’s database and you don’t need to pay for the service at all.

However, Pikuki works with Google AdSense through displaying relevant ads that help the company earn money. But there is no account registration required – only a user can get detailed information about celebrities, artists and an extensive overall rating system.

Wrap UP

Pikuki is a tool that can help you view Instagram’s private account without the user being consciously aware of the fact that their accounts are being viewed. It is absolutely safe to use, and it can be an exceptionally helpful way of maintaining your own anonymity when using Instagram because it removes the need for you to be logged in to view someone else’s account.

This application can also be similar to doing some market research – by seeing what people are talking about right now or what new trends have popped up lately. You may also keep track of your competitors’ businesses while managing your own identity at the same time so as not to reveal who you are as a person if you wish to keep your activities as an anonymous Instagram follower.

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