Router log net not Working

Router log net not Working

The issue discussed here can be confusing when one cannot identify an error and solve it. The error may seem exotic to some users, and they might not understand what it means.

Sometimes, the firmware in a router may become corrupt and slow down its function speed. There could also be privacy concerns, and as a result, the user may even feel uncomfortable using it.

Router log net not working. WheSome browser issues can also cause this error, so clearing the cache might help fix the issue you are facing with your Net gear router.

Before troubleshooting net gear router login issues, ensure your data, cable, corporate, and VPN connections are unplugged. Besides that, deactivate all your internet browser’s popups and ad blockers.

Solution 1: Restart the Router and System

Due to technical glitches, the router might temporarily fail to send and receive data effectively. This is a very common occurrence that happens now and then. There are two easy ways you can get around this problem.

 One of them is unplugging your system from the router for about 10 minutes. The other way that I’d recommend is restarting both the router and your computer by holding down their respective power buttons for about 4-5 seconds each so that they can reset their hardware settings.

  • Shut down any Wi-Fi cards that you have on your computer and then turn off your system
  • Disconnect the router from its power source.
  •  Please wait for 30 seconds, then reconnect the router to its power source.
  • Sta your system and wait till your system is completely powered on. Once that is accomplished, power up your router.
  • Now check if you can access the web interface.

Solution 2: Use a Different Connection Mode

Sometimes ISPs will provide combinations of mode and protocol options for various needs.

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 Some ISPs even sell service bundles with multiple modes and protocols built-in as a convenience, often connecting to more than one kind of network at once. Depending on your location, you might have side-by-side units available to choose from and select the appropriate option.

When the time comes, like if you’re adding additional devices or changing them out entirely. Ideally, by looking at the number next to your current router on the bottom, it should indicate which protocol is in use or ask an agent if not sure, or feel free to look at a guide or support page! When your router or computer isn’t connected to the internet wirelessly, try connecting them with a cable to see if you have access.

If you have connection issues at home, try connecting via a wireless connection. If you have problems connecting to your 5 GHz band, try connecting to the 2.4 GHz band instead and check if the router problem is resolved.

Solution 3: Use the Router’s IP Address to get Management Console

net gear uses DNS to route you to If your system fails to access the DNS server, then the domain name will not resolve since it needs the resolution to work with. In this case, using your router’s IP address and its management console might solve the problem you are encountering if such an occurrence should happen.

Using an example scenario where PC Windows is being used, we will discuss how to get your router’s IP address and use it as a means of accessing its management console.

  • Click on the Windows button. In the search bar, type “CMD.” Click on the Command prompt in the list of results.
  • You must open a command prompt, type in the following command, and press enter.
  • Now let’s check the value of the gateway. Most of them are or
  • To test this, open a web browser and enter the above-noted address in the address bar (without HTTP or HTTPS) to check if you can access the management console.

Solution 4: Clear the Browser’s Cache

With many applications, users frequently experience issues that haven’t been resolved or remain unsolved for a long time.

 Resolving these issues would require correct steps to properly diagnose and troubleshoot the problem within a reasonable amount of time. One solution to resolve the router’s inability to connect may be clearing temporary Internet files stored in your browser cache, which may help solve the connection issue you’re experiencing.

  • Launch the Chrome browser and click on the ellipses button near the window’s top right corner.
  • In the menu, hover over More Tools and then click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • This can be done either via the SQL Console or the Immediate Window. In MS SQL to clear all data in a specific table:

If you can access, type “” into your browser’s address bar.

Solution 5: Try Another Browser or Use Internet Explorer Mode of the Edge Browser

‚Äč The login problem could be due to a bug in the browser you are using. This is not uncommon, and it may be potentially resolved if you try using another browser.

  • Download and install another browser (preferably Firefox).
  • Now launch the newly installed browser and check if you can access
  • Though it is not recommended, you can also download and use Internet Explorer because Edge replaces many older version features.
  • Launch the Edge browser and click on the hamburger menu (near the window’s top right corner).

Now in the context menu, click on Settings

Solution 6: Try Another Device of a Different OS

Suppose you find that you’re getting a 0x80072EE7 error message after trying to install Windows Updates on your PC, then more than likely. In that case, the problem isn’t software-related but is actually due to incomplete installation.

 What seems to be happening here is that the updates aren’t being installed properly and are giving you an error message.

Solution 7: Uninstall Your Antivirus Application

Virus and malware protection applications are necessary for safeguarding a computer. Professional virus protection apps, like Kaspersky Anti-Virus, have basic settings that prevent users from accessing

 For instance, you will encounter an error when attempting to access the page if Kaspersky is installed with “Scan Suspicious Programs” enabled and “Blocking Mode” set to Basic or Medium (may vary depending on the version).

  •  You may apply the same solution regardless of what software solution you’re using.
  • Right-click on the button icon in your system’s tray. Select “Pause Protection” from the resulting menu.
  • Then Kaspersky will automatically pop up a window, which states that you can reopen the page by pressing OK, so press the OK button to continue.
  • Then copy and paste the address from your browser’s address bar in place of Kaspersky.exe.

Which is being blocked by your program for security purposes.

Solution 8: Reset the Router to Factory problems

Even when you get a new internet router, you might still encounter some problems. The router’s firmware could be corrupt. If that happens, factory resetting may fix the problem.

Factory resets will erase all custom settings and configurations but remember that user names, passwords, and SSID names won’t be affected because these are stored elsewhere on your network device in a configuration file located at /etc./config and run router name while Sashed into it to see them and back them up before performing the reset if they are important to you.

 After which, you can restore them once the factory reset has been done properly, which should not take more than around 15 minutes at the most from start to finish, inclusive of wait times for backup completions and reconfiguration files loads.

  • Ensure that your router is started on and disconnect it from all other devices like PCs, Laptops, etc. Also, make sure no cable is plugged into the router except the power cable.
  • Now use a paper clip (or something similar) to press and hold the Reset button or Restore Factory Settings button (located on the back of your router) for seven seconds (power LED should flash during this process). In some models, there are three reset buttons. Make sure you are using the correct one to reset the router.

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