Facial Acupuncture Before & After

Facial Acupuncture Before & After

Facial Acupuncture Before & After

We’re right back into the swing of things here at Seneca Falls Acupuncture following a long hard winter that had us closed for some months.

But now we’re safely on the other side, and we’re ready to offer our valued patients a healthy glow thanks to our well-rounded cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

Today we want to share some before and after photos from a Fiscal acupuncture patient. These are shared with the patient’s permission, of course. Many thanks to the patient for allowing us to share these!

Below I’ve also answered the following common questions about Fiscal acupuncture:

 What is Facial acupuncture?

 How does it work?

How many treatments are needed?

 Are maintenance treatments recommended?

What is Fiscal acupuncture?

Facial acupuncture is a specialized treatment that focuses on reducing fine lines and wrinkles, brightening the overall complexion, removing facial puffiness, and giving the skin a healthy, youthful glow.

 It can also reduce the appearance of scars from acne or injury. These treatments are safe and carry no side effects!

How does it work?

Acupuncture has been shown to help increase blood flow in the tissues around the treated area. For facial acupuncture, this increased circulation to the skin is one reason it does what it does.

Acupuncture helps improve the condition of the outer layers of skin by increasing the speed at which healthy cells can replace damaged ones, thus improving and restoring brightness and elasticity.

For more information: Why Do I Have Wrinkles on My Neck?

 Having younger-looking, vibrant skin is an important part of feeling good about yourself! Getting your hair done or having a massage can make you feel beautiful on the inside – but facial acupuncture treatment helped you look beautiful on the outside too.

An important goal in Ficalacupuncture is to break the skin’s surface with a very fine needle, which stimulates a healing response and brings attention to the area. This helps stimulate cell turnover and boost protein synthesis, which is a great way to plump up your skin, tighten up wrinkles and reduce scars, for example.

How many treatments are needed?

Fiscal acupuncture recommends meeting at least once a week for six weeks. This is recommended to ensure the needles are placed correctly and gauge your response. Repeated treatments are needed for lasting results and better absorption.

However, there is evidence that cosmetic acupuncture is a popular treatment option. It’s often considered an alternative to more invasive facial rejuvenation procedures, but this doesn’t mean cosmetic acupuncture delivers overnight results.

It typically takes around five-six treatments before you start to see any improvement in your skin condition and quite a while longer before you notice a subtle improvement in the shape of your face.

This can be because acupuncturists use herbal ointments – rather than needles – to treat your skin.

 But it also means the effects are good for the long term; it won’t wear off in weeks or months like some other cosmetic treatments might after initial effects have faded. Patients tend to report feeling very relaxed during their treatments, and some say they feel more confident too!

Are maintenance treatments recommended?

Yes! One needs to undergo a total of 10-12 treatments for a month before being considered a non-responder, after which you are now free to treat one’s yourself with cosmetic acupuncture every four to six weeks. This is a good thing because we want long-term, stable results!

If you’ve completed a full course of 12 treatments over two years, it’s recommended to repeat the series after another year or so. Following this same protocol will ensure you see maximum results on your investment.

Acupuncture offers so many benefits for overall well-being by relieving stress and providing relief from digestive disorders, insomnia and pain.

Who’s a good candidate for facial acupuncture?

Most people are suitable to have acupuncture. This includes pregnant individuals and women who are breastfeeding.

However, a long conversation with your acupuncturist about the specifics of your condition will determine whether or not you can begin treatment.

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