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What Causes a Double Chin?

A double chin means you’ve got loose skin under your chin and can make you feel conscious about yourself. Trainers offer a wide variety of programmed to help you get rid of that fat, including masks, creams and tonics. However, the best thing to do is exercise regularly because it helps stimulate blood flow in the area.

There are various causes of a double chin, from ageing to genetics.

Double Chin Caused by Excess Fat

If you are overweight, you may have a double chin. But some people with a slim body can also have one. This happens when the person may seem to be in good shape but has fat cells in their face that pull down their skin and cause a bulge between the upper part of your chin and your lower jaw.

Another reason for the appearance of a double chin is sudden weight gain or loss because when the skin around your neck stretches too far, it wrinkles, giving you an extra bump just below your Adam’s apple.

 Another cause for double chin could be serious water retention, which happens occasionally and swells up in your face and not just around your neck that could look like a double chin.

Double Chin Caused by Ageing

The older we get, the more likely it becomes for our muscles to lose strength or elasticity. This means the skin on and around our face cannot firmly support fat anymore.

As a result, the fat spills out into nearby areas like your chin and neck, causing a double chin. Unfortunately, ageing also causes your muscles to lose firmness which exacerbates this issue by preventing loose skin from contracting as you chew.

Other Causes

Sometimes a double chin is caused by genes. If you are an active, fit person who has not experienced weight fluctuations and is fairly young, your double chin is likely caused by genetics.

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 Suddenly appearing overnight, fullness around the jaw area can be caused by salivary gland inflammation or problems like saliva stones forming, causing blockages to get stuck in the glands. It could also be due to gland infection.

Similarly, your double chin may also be caused by a hormone imbalance that isn’t as serious as thyroid issues or Cushing’s Cushing’s Syndrome but still influences facial tissues – such as an audio-type of growth hormone that causes excessive skin thickening and mostly develops on the sides of the face (known as Panner’sPanner’s disease).

How can I determine if my double chin is caused by fat or excess skin?

If you pinch the area under your chin between your fingers, you can tell by how the skin feels if you have excess fat or just loose skin (in the case of fat, the skin will feel a little puffy there).

This can help you determine the best way forward if you would like to rid yourself of your double chin.

Can I get rid of a double chin at home?

If you’re you’re concerned about sagging skin around your neck; there are several ways in which you can help to tighten the skin and reduce any sign of a double chin.

 For instance, if excess weight is the root cause of sagging skin on or around your neck, working on cutting down your weight may be an effective method. Alternatively, suppose poor posture is the culprit behind diminished neck contours.

 In that case, attempting to find time for more physical activity that involves proper standing and sitting postures could help strengthen any weak muscles and “re-train” ones that have become weakened due to poor posturing over some time.

Are there medical treatments available to remove my double chin?

We can help you get rid of your double chin. At Ada Aesthetic Medicine, we offer advanced treatments and procedures to address excess fat in the neck or otherwise collect under the chin.

 Injections are extremely effective for eliminating double chins because they allow us to dissolve the localized fat cells that aren’t metabolically active, meaning no scarring and very little recovery time! We suggest surgical intervention through a quick outpatient procedure with a fast recovery time for persistent cases!

There main causes:


As you get older, your skin loses elasticity. In addition to saggy skin in other areas of your body, this decrease in elasticity can make your chin and neck appear to have more fat than they normally would.

This new layer of underdeveloped flesh that you see if you look at yourself in the mirror appears as a double chin.”

Excess fat

By increasing the weight of your face and thus boosting the amount of fat on it, you make yourself more likely to have a double chin which isn’t pretty!

However, being overweight in itself might not cause this bad sign of loss of elasticity to appear.

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Look in the mirror. Do you see folds of fat bulging out in your neck? While being overweight is one cause, there may be others as well. If other family members also tend to develop a double chin, it could be hereditary.


Some people have shorter jaws. This makes a double chin virtually unavoidable. In addition, a weak jawline or chin can make your chin appear double, even if it’s not! Instead of focusing on liposuction as the answer to eradicating a double chin, choose Botox.

Studies show that Botox injections into a weak chiseled jawline or chin can help remedy the appearance of an unintentional bulge in the neck area.

Poor posture

Poor posture can cause all sorts of health and beauty problems. Aside from neck, back, and shoulder pain, slouchy posture can weaken the neck and chin muscles. Over time, these weakened muscles lead to weakened and saggy skin.

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